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Vincent's rooms

Friday, August 4 2017 Views: 122


The dream was long, but fractured, I don’t remember it all. The first scene was of Vincent standing on the roof of a white car in a traffic jam, addressing the people climbing out of their cars to look at him, but I can’t say whether he was singing or shouting at them gleefully as the sound gets tricky in the Deep.

The end of the dream was me literally pushing the walls of my Dreamworld to extend it and make space for him. Inside the walls there were dark dusty spaces that looked like the theatre wings with wooden bunks. Some had people in them who looked startled at the walls suddenly moving.

Then I walked around Vincent’s new room and looked at his bed and bedside table with about a dozen books, probably erotica as one of these was prominently titled ‘Finger-fucking’.



The dream was about both of us in what has already defined itself as Vincent’s Room in my head. This time it was night - the curtains were drawn and nightlights were on, giving the white room an amber glow. The room had more texture now, I could see the woven-in flower pattern in the curtains and bedspread. We were going to sleep together I guess as I was wearing a long white silk nightdress, though Vincent was still fully dressed in dark blue clothes. I sat on the padded white bench near the window saying: "I’m so tired" and let him coax me gently into bed. At this moment, the dream started to feel wrong as I was curling up keeping my distance from him, although he was still smiling gently at me and talking, although I don’t remember the exact words.

Then I awoke to my neighbours screaming at each other - the wife had obviously locked the drunk husband out and his loud angry voice probably made its way into my dream, making me curl up and cower as if in fear.



The dream was us in another room now, a work room where empty desks were arranged in a T-formation. I was there alone, working at my laptop when Vincent came in with his, sat opposite me and set up his workplace. I was surprised that someone else would be there at night, but he said he lives by Vladivostok time and it’s sunrise there.

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