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Vincent. Tiptree forest

Wednesday, August 9 2017 Views: 69

We were outside this time, in Tiptree forest, going for a walk, holding hands. Vincent seemed nervous, looking around as if in fear; I remembered him mentioning agoraphobia and took off my hat and put it on his head to give him an illusion of a roof over his head. There were weird plants with orange berries everywhere and swans in the lake. I was leading him to the edge of the forest, wanting to both sit under the oaks and hug while watching the fields, and also lay him down in the grass and ‘ride him into dust’, that was the literal thought.

Additional Comments:

In Russian ‘kryshevat/to roof’ is a slang term for ‘protect’ and in Lithuanian ‘dulkintis/to beat up dust’ means ‘to shag’.

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