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Vincent. The bullet

Thursday, August 17 2017 Views: 57

I was running all the time, don’t know whether it was ‘running from’ or ‘running to’, people were trying to trip me, stop me. I was getting locked up a few times, but escaped every time jumping out of the window. From my gran’s house I climbed out of the ground floor window and ran southwards. It was a cold cloudy day, but not winter, maybe late spring.

Then I ran into the cemetery and some people chased me upstairs in the bell tower of a new wooden church that was being built in place of the Russian Orthodox church that is actually there. There were no panes in the windows and I jumped from the height of about three storeys, but landed okay and kept running. Just outside the cemetery gates there was a man in dressed in black, wearing a balaclava, holding a semi, and he shot me, one bullet in the shoulder, just above the heart. The sensation of pain and shock was incredibly real.

Some people picked me up and brought me to Vincent, laid me on his desk and then left. He was a teacher in what looked exactly like Will Graham's classroom, although it was empty at that moment. Vincent looked different than in my other dreams - he had his hair in a ponytail and had glasses on. He was absolutely calm and professional, there was no urgency or worry in his eyes as he pulled my bloodied shirt open and felt the bullet hole. He said that my ribs have stopped the bullet and then leaned in and bit it out. It hurt like seven hells for a moment, but then he stood up straight, spat the bullet in his hand and wiped the blood from his mouth, and the pain was instantly gone.

Additional Comments:

Even in my Dreamworld I’m not the invincible hero anymore. Although admittedly it’s tempting to be defenceless and vulnerable sometimes.

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