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Kovacs and a perv

Wednesday, August 23 2017 Views: 72

The first dream was assembling a dinosaur skeleton, but I don't remember it in detail. Then I was in an unfamiliar opera house, in the first row on the balcony. Kovacs had given mics to some people in the audience and a creepy Russian guy on my left had one. She came to take it back, talking all the while, I don't remember the exact words but noticed how the sound changed when she changed the mics. She went back on stage and started singing, but the guy grabbed me and started rubbing against me, it was very disgusting. There was a fire alarm button in the railing of the balcony, I pressed it with my foot, the alarm went off, but the guy didn't let me go until the security arrived. Later I was walking down a long flight of wide stairs and saw him handcuffed on the floor in the security room. The sound of the alarm continued and I woke up - my neighbours were cutting something with a chainsaw, that was probably the source of the sound.

Additional Comments:

The sound of changing mics might be caused by me fiddling with Audacity before sleep. The red alarm button might be related to a story I'm writing.

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