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Weird Questions

Thursday, March 17 2011 Views: 930

Mar 18, 2011

It was MMCO and we were supposed to go somewhere. I had arranged to hitch with Bernice. We were in some room and most of the others were getting ready to leave at 3:30. I remember Ate Rhodz and Shoti. I think they talked to me before leaving, like to give some reminder or pat me on the back. It was just me and the UP string dept people left, since they were also riding with Bernice. We would leave around 5:30.

I got this awkward feeling and felt that maybe I should have just went ahead and hitched with someone else. It was too late, so I just sat at the end of the couch. James sat beside me on my right and turned on the TV. We were just watching when suddenly he called my name. I was surprised he was talking to me and asked what it was. He said he had a question for me, but hesitated and kind of stalled awhile while I encouraged him to go ahead and just ask. It was a math question. It was something like there was a line through the head and belly button and some third point and it formed a curve with the vertex at the back and who knows what the actual question was. He had a box, like a big box for a robot toy, where it was printed. The choices were printed down his shirt. He read them out to me. I only remember choices a., h., and g., not the actual answers, but something like

a. Will get it wrong
h. Forget

I forgot g. There were probably more choices in between. I remember looking at them and condering. My first answer was all of the above, at which James laughed. I considered a., but decided I wouldn't get it wrong since I wouldn't even try to solve it. I went with f., thinking forget it, that question is insane.

I thought it was done, but then James suddenly pulled out a second box. It was the same size as the first, yellow, something like Hello Kitty or beaded toys. Anyway, the question had something to do with the Tanga-tanga gang. He showed me the side of the box where the background was explained in small print below a picture of one of the toys. It was something like they were only tanga with themselves (they came in
pairs or something) and normal with each other, or the other way around. James never got any further than that.

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