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Math at ICA Fair

Monday, March 28 2011 Views: 927

March 29, 2011 I was at the ICA Fair with Aunty Cristina. I saw Aunty Jane with Jed and tried to call to them, but they didn't notice me. We walked some more along the grounds and met up with Cathleen and another of their cousins. He was shorter than her. Another male cousin came, and though he was younger, he was also taller than the first boy. Hazel ran to me, somewhat excited with math questions that a guest teacher had given them. There were two, and I recognized both, as we had also been given those in first year (college). The first problem involved matrices. There were three. The first was 3x3, except the second element in the third row had the form xa0, in vertical form. The second matrix was kind of overlapped with the first, and only had two columns, but was understood to have three, as the first column was hidden behind the last column of the previous matrix. The third matrix was similarly hidden behind the second, only showing the third column. For the last two matrices, the middle element of the last row was left as xyz, also vertically. I explained the solution to her from memory. The first step was to multiply the first matrix. For the xa0 element, the value of the product would always be 0. Hazel's eyes lit up as she understood. From there, we could multiply the first matrix with the second, then separately with thr third to get two equations, then solve for the missing variables. I recalled the solution to the second problem in my head, preparing to explain it as well.

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