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Piano-playing maid

Tuesday, April 12 2011 Views: 1018

April 13, 2011 I woke up. Janey was already awake. The room was still dark, so it seemed to be before dawn, but apparently it was already quite late morning, say around 10. Papa saw I was awake and invited me to go down to the basement with them. I went down. I saw Janey had this presentation going on. It was kind of Chinese-y, like the New Year celebrations, though no lion or dragon. There were other girls in Chinese costumes dancing, and others on a small stand watching them and cheering. In the corner of the basement where I was, there was a piano. A maid was playing some piece with the gongs and drums from the lion / dragon dance sounding in the background. I looked around but couldn't find anyone playing them, so I decided it must be a recording. The maid seemed to be sight-reading from a fairly worn out book with the sheet music. There was some computer screen in front with either instructions or a video, maybe of the dancers, so that they would he syncronized. I admired her playing, wishing I could sight-read that well too. The piano seemed a bit old. It had a brown body, not a grand piano, just a small one, the kind in those bars or small shops where people perform on stage. Also, the keys seemed to be loose, somewhat coming off as she played, though not coming off completely. A lady in a blue sparkly evening gown with a slit was sitting on her right. She was doing that spreading-hand-across-the-keys-back-and-forth thing. It was so smoothly done.

Additional Comments:

This dream seemed to be kind of intertwined with the other one, like this was a dream within the other dream, maybe happening before the frisbee part. It doesn't really make sense since I was never asleep or waking up in the previous dream.

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