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"To your ceremonial brother-in-law, so I can have you to mys

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"To your ceremonial brother-in-law, so I can have you to myself" (11:20 pm - 06:50 am)


There was a couple. They were in their 40's, and the man resembled Robin Williams. He had a cat-like beast that he was keeping in his house. The woman looked frail. They were showing another man around.

He was a traveller. He had a large frame and white hair, though they were all about the same age. His hair was long and tied back.

They brought him to the husband's brother's house too, and the husband complained to him a bit about how his brother treated him like a crazy person.


The wife was now in the car with the visitor. She was sitting quietly, while the man seemed to be holding in some anger.

She was trying to reason with him. Apparently some even had happened wherein her husband destroyed something of the man's. In the process, her husband had also died. She started saying things like "it's good you're calm, it's good you're not taking it out on me."

She reasoned also that he could consider that her husband may have been drunk and did not do what he did on purpose. She appealed to him suggesting things he could do. She mentioned something about telling her brother what someone was doing to her.

I wanted to reply this part to read the white subtitles that were apparently there. It was hinting on sexual abuse. I decided to just watch on, and just replay it later if I still wanted to.

The man started driving suddenly. Alarmed, the wife asked where he was going. He replied, "To your ceremonial brother-in-law, so I can have you to myself."

It seemed like he was doing what she wanted to tell someone about the abuse. On the other hand, it must have been the brother-in-law who was abusing her behind her husband's back.

Finally, I realized that his plan was to drive to the brother-in-law's house to leave the woman's car there. This was to avoid someone finding her missing by making it look like she was there partying. There were a lot of people around too.

The man left the blue van there and forced the woman into a red one that he had waiting. He then started to rape her. Meanwhile, my mind went to scenes in the woman's house, particularly on a blue shoebox near the bottom of a tall pile.

She was still wearing her slippers, meaning the maid in their house would realize something was wrong.

There was a last scene where a largish black cat was wreaking havoc in a diner. 

Additional Comments:

I got disappointed a bit as I was waking up, since I wouldn't be able to replay that part to read the subtitles after all. While typing the dream, it seemed like this has happened before, in that I wanted to replay something but realized I couldn't because I had been dreaming. I remember thinking of it as something I should recognize as a dream sign from some of my earlier dreams. 

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