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Wow - work vacation and building robots

Thursday, February 4 2016 Views: 145

Sleep: 2016.02.03 10:15 PM
Wake: 2016.02.04 02:50 AM

I had taken a long leave from work for a few weeks. During that time, I had gone on some cruise with a few others from work. Among them, I remember Neri, and Steph Coo had been her roommate, though in the dream, Steph's name had been Char.

During my time off, I had come to meet up with some friends from high school. Along the way I saw how successful they had become. I had spent some time with Ysabel, who had just landed a job as the head of a corporation. Later on, while talking with Sel Uy about people's achievements, I realized how high up she was, but in a modest way.

I came to be aware of my own contibutions as well when I went back to work a few days early from the vacation. It was those last few days of December, and I wasn't due back till the new year. Roaming around the office, I watched some of my creation work, and that creation was in the field of robotics.

I had devised some puppy-sized flying robots, similar to Phineas and Ferb's nanobots in concept and color. They turned greenish yellow as they joined together and they had a transporting property and were being used to put together giant robots which built stuff.

I thought about Gian's interview question from the day before, "how would you, through your field in IT, address Bulacan's flooding problem?" I thought about developing this technology such that it could transport people evacuating, or perhaps build bridges and structures.

The little robots had something with "2 lbs" about them. That was the special number which helped them do their work. It was because I had a part missing, something which someone else had borrowed.

Whoever it was had given it back then, which meant I could progress with my development, however the confidentiality of the "2 lbs" would be compromised. I had the weight changed to a random new one to hide this piece of information before implementing the development.

I went back to my office. Mal would probably be on leave at this time, but Steph would probably still be around. I saw Sir Pat instead, and we had a brief exchange as he "kumsta"-ed me. There was an understanding in our conversation of him wanting to keep me, and me having gone on this vacation actually being a window for me to seek other opportunities.

I continued a stroll for a while, wondering what I would do today. Sir Pat would probably be out in meetings or something most of the day, so I'd be more or less unsupervised. I thought about having a petiks day, but then countered this and re-centered my thoughts to the joys of making something.

I ran into Neri, who also happened to share a room with Steph/Char in the office. They were excited about going down to the caf (our office structure was different in the dream, like a huge metal structure with just 2 floors, and the robots working across the ground floor, no walls inside, just metal railings)

She mentioned buying some drink called "Steal" and also mentioned being happy to run into me, since they needed someone to "abono". I had some money stashed away in my pants pocket so I agreed. I asked her how much it cost, kind of worried if I had enough. She answered it was a "steal" like 90 php a cup.

Additional Comments:

When I woke up, my first reaction was really just "wow". The thought of Gian's question lingered, though I was conscious of how in reality, what I make are excel templates. IRL, I answered the question in my head of making programs to simulate others' ideas prior to implementation.


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