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Sleep: 9:50 pm
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I was tasked by Ms. Agnes to create the online payslips for the company on Excel. I was just waiting for her to teach me the tax portion, then I would be done. I was frustrated because she was still busy and I couldn't finish yet. It turned out to be pretty simple.

One feature of the template was the secret password. I had used excel features so that the password was private, shown as dots on the screen and hidden in the formula bar. However, of course in creating it, I could see the password.

Ms. Agnes briefed me that for the next month, we would be using a special poison dart that would be released in the building during a break time with me still inside, and kill me. She explained how vital the confidentiality of the password was, and that if needed, she would kill someone everyday in this way to protect it. I accepted this.

Later on as I was working, I became a bit angry. Why was it necessary to kill me, or someone like me. It was a waste of talent, killing someone who could understand this program. I thought of my parents and how mad they would be. This was unacceptable. Also, what if there were other people in the building who happened to not go down for break? They would just be casualties?

I thought of a work-around how the password could be kept safe without even myself knowing, using a simple copy-paste. The employees could change their passwords on the screen without me looking, then I would just copy-paste it to another cell that was also hidden, then copy-paste back on the lookup cell that would also be hidden.

I was going to propose my solution to Ms. Agnes, but Gian was already with her, showing his own payslip. I questioned one portion, because Ms. Agnes had told me earlier that the tax computation of the last month was different or should be left blank. Someone else explained to me that it was because February only had 28 days, so it was actually correct for this case.

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