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My dog

Friday, March 17 2017 Views: 59

I had become close with one particular dog. He was mine (in the sense of closeness / soulmates, not ownership), and I was his. He had brought me to his place and was kind of showing me off to his friends. The puppies were okay, but there was one dog that was awkward as he approached me. I awkwardly petted him back. 


It turned out that this dog was my dog's enemy. He was mean and picked on the others. He approached me while dragging my dog along in his mouth. He scared me, but I held my ground for my friend, and defended him. The mean dog started biting me then, but I observed that the bites weren't that bad and hurt only slightly, so I put up with it. My dog was horrified and worried about me being hurt. I told him the bites were mild, and also reminded him that he had taken a bite too while being dragged along. I checked his necked and caressed it. There were marks, but not that deep.


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