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Audit scars

Sunday, March 19 2017 Views: 165

Wake: 6:10 am

I saw Joyce with faded scars on the left side of her body. They ran down from her neck in horizontal evenly-spaced lines. I didn't ask her at the time what had happened.

My boss was asking me about some DTR records. Joyce's had an #N/A error on the 31st date. I deduced that they must have accidentally cut a cell or moved something, but that it could be easily fixed by just copying the formula from above. My boss seemed annoyed, because he was studying the lates of everyone. From the other dates, he could still manually count that Joyce had four.

Later, I went to talk with Joyce, and this time, she was reclined, and had fresh wounds down her left side. I only now recalled the scars that I had seen earlier. I wondered if these were self-inflicted, or if she had had an accident during her audit. It took a while before I decided to ask her what happened. She smiled and exchanged knowing looks with the auditor beside me, "Ah, di niya pa alam?" I woke up before she gave the actual answer.

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