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The great food escape game

Saturday, April 29 2017 Views: 116

Wake: 04:37 am

A friend was talking about coming from England to meet me. I was studying a map, that looked a lot like a board game, to see how feasible it would be go where he wanted me to. I would be coming from the lower right portion (from a board game point of view, I was looking at the board right-side-up, so the bottom was closest to me physically).

Near the bottom of the map was a large man's head eating a plate of spaghetti. There were regular-sized men (from a board game token point of view) who were chained somewhere near the food. Their goal was to avoid being eaten. It was a very athletic game that involved a lot of diving around and quick thinking. The head, meanwhile, just wanted to eat, and didn't think about much else.

Since all this was going on, it would be difficult for me to get to the far top side of the map. I saw a blue booth near the bottom, just before the man with the plate of spaghetti, and saw it was a Philippine-English Embassy. Unfortunately, my friend would not be coming from there, and would be coming from the far side, where a different embassy was located. I decided that was too big of a hassle to go to, so I wouldn't meet him.

So far, nobody had gotten eaten in the game, so it seemed that all the men were more than capable and there was actually no danger of anyone getting eaten. The next round was starting, but this time one of the men got caught in the spaghetti strands. It seemed that he had no escape now and would be the first victim as the giant mouth was closing in on him. I woke up before he escaped or was eaten.

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