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Shot down

Thursday, May 25 2017 Views: 105

There were images of different watch designs in colored excel cells. The cells were large as life, like sidewalk blocks.

It was already dark outside and people were turning into their houses for the night. I peeked out of my house, and saw a bat-man running about. He had a box thing over his head with bat wings on either side. He was a criminal type, stealing the watches. I was in on this, that it was just a promotional thing and he wasn't a real criminal.

I ran out after him to replenish the watches. I was going farther and father, which was quite risky in the dark, but I wanted to finish as much as I could even though it wasn't urgently necessary. I was almost at the end when I got shot on my leg. The shooter came out with his rifle to see.

I was brought to the hospital and the promotion organizers told me I shouldn't have gone so far out. I had the thought that I wish I could replay this so that I had stopped before going too far.


I saw another new message notification on Facebook. It was from Kevin. I opened it and the message pane looked like his Steam profile page. Beneath it, his message just read "Hi Jess", but those two words felt important to me.

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