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Sunday, July 9 2017 Views: 102

Wake 6:09 am

I had bumped an old topic about a quest or challenge, and made a detailed reply involving some relevant summary facts about My Little Pony. 

I had also dreamed about seeing a member with the name Mormor^o^ mention that his sister's favorite show, MLP got cancelled. There was also a member named jesmor^o^ who had said something related to this. I was a bit shocked at this, and felt bad for the viewers about it being cancelled.

As I was writing my dream, I saw that Mew151 was making a sophisticated post on the newer version of the challenge or quest post I had replied to earlier. He had subtly mentioned a thanks to me in his post for reviving the old one.


I was running late, but needed to get a haircut. We were in the small mall, and I was going ahead to look for a place while my mom and sister were following behind. The place I usually got my hair cut was closed, and the door was wrapped in plastic to seal it. I was anxious, but found another place right next to it, however the price for a basic haircut was P71.

This seemed too expensive for me. I looked down at other prices, and the only cheaper one was for 40+, but required hair to be tied back. I was confused at what the difference was between the two categories, and if the first one really was the basic. Below these two, the next main category was already for medium length hair.

I glanced at my mom who was still approaching. I didn't have any money with me so I would have to wait for her. I told her about the price, and she was surprised, but with no other place open, she reluctantly pulled out a fifty and a twenty from her wallet. I was stressed at this point because it was already 9:30 and I resigned myself to being late. 


I had bought some English books for donation. Today was the deadline for it, so I had bought with urgency to get it done with. As I was waiting for my haircut, I saw a news snippet about the books going on a sale, a 10 books for P10 each special promo to cater to those who were too poor.

I felt upset about the timing of it all, stupid deadline. I had bought the 10 sets of 10 books for 250 apiece, and doing a quick computation, that already came out to 2500 a set. I tried to console myself that I could afford it, but still felt a tinge of annoyance at the situation.


I woke up with the feeling that I was running late, but realized it was Sunday.


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