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Graduation speech

Friday, July 14 2017 Views: 104

Wake: 5:45 am

I was part of a singing group in school. The singers were divided into two groups, and I was a bit surprised to be classified under the 2 group, which was the lesser group for subs. The 1 group would be the ones actually performing. I didn't feel bad about it though. There was an elder guy who resembled Morgan Freeman in janitors clothes was also in the 2 group. I passed him as I was going up to the 2 dressing room, and there seemed to be a connection between us. He nodded to me as I passed, as if to say things were as they should be and there was a purpose.

I found myself on a bus, which was more like a jeepney except a lot more spacious inside. I sat on the left side in the middle, but nearer the back. A younger Mexican girl sat beside me on my right side. She had a bag with her that she left when she got down. I don't remember why I didn't do or say anything about it. I seemed to be just in a nonreactive state.

The bus stopped a bit later and the conductor made an announcement about a missing bag. I still sat quietly for some time. Just before we were going to move on, I grabbed the bag and held it up. The girl saw me and she was so happy to have her bag restored to her. She thanked me immensely and maybe even hugged me.

Riding the bus, I remember seeing scenes of strange accidents. It was a bit like the bridge scene from Final Destination 5. I remember a car running through some metal wires that cut through it and through the people in the front seats, killing them. The scene seemed stopped and I was watching from the bus which had been fortunate to be ahead of all the disaster.

I came out and the place was pretty deserted. It was early morning and no one was up yet. I went to the outside bathrooms, but it was pretty gross. The floor was wet and I was barefoot. I skipped the first stall but went into the second, which was a slightly less level of gross. I managed to go without touching anything other than the floor. I came out and there was a couple. They seemed to be tourists on vacation. I avoided them as I reentered the bathroom to junk my previously worn underwear, which was mildly soiled with involuntary secretions.

I returned to prepare for the speech I would be given. I had a new wool vest with two pockets on either side, top and bottom. I think I was wearing a yellow shirt underneath, and bright clothing in general. I stepped into the auditorium hall and was standing in the middle aisle.

I made my speech which involved elements of congratulating my brother on his graduation, and something about my boyfriend in the crowd. I added something about congratulating myself and the crowd on our graduation which was supposed to be a bit like a joke because I was congratulating myself first. 

I must have woken up a bit and tried to remember my dreams. I redid this speech scene, with the scenarios slightly changed. This time my brother had graduated with honors. I looked at scenes of diploma or yearbook images passing on white background, and saw his grade at 3.35, which was enough for an honorable mention. He was in a different area in the crowd this time, and I took time to adjust, still pointing in the original direction at first.

While thinking about my dream, I realized that my "boyfriend" resembled Ben in Descendants. I then saw the music video of Wicked, which in my dream I thought was from the first movie. I noticed that the actress who played Evie was different in the music video. I recalled a story of how they had changed the actress last minute, and how her character was supposed to be patterned after Jasmin. In the music video, the girl was Asian and wearing Jasmin clothes.

While they were singing with their backs together in a circle, I noticed that Mal looked taller among them. The Jasmin character was shorter, as was Carlos. I noticed that his character was played by a different actor as well. I felt a bit bad for the music video actors because they didn't get to be in the final movie, but then I realized at least they got to be in the teaser music video. I found an interview then where the music video Carlos character was praising the actor who replaced him, saying that it was a good choice.

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