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Store awards

Saturday, July 15 2017 Views: 104

Wake: 16:23

There would be new awards for the first three stores who earned badges for their performance for the month. The badges were colorful diamonds resembling the new ones in Duolingo. RPE was number one with the award of having the highest percentage increase of members. The month wasn't over yet, but Nice already awarded this one, as it was safe to assume they would win it with a 265% increase. 

Two other MD stores were declared winners for second and third place. I felt it might be a bit unfair because of late announcement of the award criteria, and it had been close between third and fourth place. A total of 5 badges had been earned this month. I raised this, and Nice misunderstood somehow and thought I said six. She pointed out that TMMOA didn't count as having earned a badge, and I just agreed because I hadn't counted them in the first place. They then gave verbal recognition to the two other badge earners.

Competition for the next month was already starting, and MDFIL looked to have a good lead. They had a huge sale on the first day, but hadn't claimed a badge yet. Sir Raffy suspected they may have not wanted to declare it yet so as not to influence an increase in their quota, which had not yet been given for the month. Their first-day sale was already at 40% of their regular quota. He seemed content with not adjusting their quota though.

RMF instructed me to go ahead and collect their sale. This involved gathering some dirt-like powder and moving it to a contianer in the kitchen. I started gathering it in my shirt by lifting the bottom of my shirt up to form a bowl. I was wearing my pink Snoopy shirt. There was too much of the powder, so I moved it to my skirt. I was wearing the thick black one that came just below my knees, and it was long enough to form a bowl with without being revealing.

I made my way to the kitchen and was going to move the powder into the big wok, but it was had just been scrubbed and still had blue dishwashing soap on it. I became annoyed and looked for another container but nothing else was big enough. I tried to rinse off the wok with one hand while holding my skirt up with the other, but it was too hard. I got really frustrated and wanted to put the powder back. I felt annoyed with being asked to transfer it prematurely.

I began yelling in frustration, and woke up still screaming out in my head.

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