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Classifying love

Sunday, July 16 2017 Views: 102

Wake: 3:30 am

I had a dream yesterday that I forgot to record about classifying love. Each instance was like a log that I classified either vertically as deep or true love, or horizontally as trivial or something more like infatuation. I remember feeling some confusion on how to classify romantic and nonromantic love, but I confirmed with myself to neglect it as a factor, so nonromantic love could also be classified as deep or true love.

I was typing up my dream, and the first paragraph contained an intro summary description of the dream with a link to the last paragraph of the post which contained the details. In this dream scenario though, each log represented a member, and those in the horizontal pile were in danger of being made into fire wood. The classification was also taking place on the deck of a pirate ship.

I had purposely changed or omitted some names in the detailed part, and was writing it differently in the first paragraph summary part. There was some logic to this because sometimes I would remember things differently, and in this case also felt the changed version was more acceptable for some reason.

Other members told me to add the details as I remembered them. They needed the information because they were doing some report on this particular dream. I decided to write the real version in the summary part and write the detailed version as I wanted with the names manipulated. I wasn't being deceitful since the true version was still in the post.

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