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Tests and Terrorists

Monday, July 17 2017 Views: 51

Wake: 07:11

There would be a series of tests, and I was participating. All the tests were taking place during English period, so the English teacher was proctoring. There was some issue with schedule, but things were made a bit more flexible to adapt to this.

I joined the group to take the next test, and I struggled a bit to keep up as the items were being dictated. For one, I knew the formula to use was the distance formula, D=r*t. One of the variables was not given though, only G was given. I would have to make a substitution. I managed to think quickly enough that the first factor should be 1/200.

I was still doing step by step computations for the last question when the bell rang and we were asked to submit our 1/4 pad papers. It was ok though, not everyone was able to finish, and that was also taken into account. The English teacher was able to check the papers during break, and announced that the results so far were split, some were doing well, some not so well, but we would still be able to catch up in the succeeding tests.

She started to blame Supply Chain because they kept interrupting in the middle of the tests, so some people were affected and didn't have the whole time for the test. She thought out loud as we left the classroom about restricting them from disrupting the class during test time. I followed her out thinking about her plan, and tried to point out that they also had their own schedule to follow and having such a restriction might interfere with their operations. She didn't hear me though.

There was going to be an activity in the auditorium after class/work, like a small concert. The last performer was a gay man in a sparkly light blue evening gown and curly yellow short-haired wig. He was going to be singing. I was near the door with some friends, and could hear him practicing his song. He sang well, but I noticed that he shifted to a higher key everytime he moved to the chorus or to a new verse. Having a piano accompanist would fix that.

I'm not sure if I'm the one who overheard it, but some men in the back were talking about a plan to get him. They seemed really angry with gay people in general and had a problem with his cross dressing. The man himself was able to learn of the plan, and feared for his safety. He was able to contact the secretary to call his boss, but she didn't believe there was really any danger. The boss did come down, but also did not believe, and tried to comfort the singer instead. He eventually did believe it when they suddenly found themselves surrounded by the men.

One of the men grabbed the boss from behind, pinning his neck in a crossbow hold. The gay man stepped back, fearing that they would also hurt his boss but unable to do anything about it. Fortunately, the just grabbed a feathery pink boa and used it to pin the boss against the wall. They grabbed the gay man and escorted him away, leaving the boss hung up in the small side room.

They entered the auditorium surprising everyone there. To my surprise, a mob of workers ran in, and all of them seemed angry and eager to hurt the gay man as well. In fact it seemed that no one was on the gay man's side. They had him pinned down on the floor and surrounded him. I was afraid for what was going to happen.

I felt that I should try to help him, but going up against an angry mob that looked like they would kill, what could I do? I decided I could take a video of what was happening to show to the police later. Unfortunately, my phone had the back light on while videoing. They would know. Nobody seemed to have noticed, but I couldn't risk getting caught. A voice recording would have to suffice.

I noticed that Haydn had gotten the same idea to video the attack, so I would let him do that instead. It was a wonder that nobody got suspicious, because I realized it was pitch black in the auditorium. The lights were off, and it must have been evening with no natural light shining through. I could see only silhouettes of the mob. Haydn turned on his video and propped the tablet against a chair, pointed right at the mob. No one suspected anything.

I positioned myself at the back, near the mastermind group. They were lying around. I wondered how useful this recording would be, but just waited patiently. At least the last guy's voice could be identified. He had a bit of a rasp and his voice sounded youngish.

Haydn whispered to me about Joruli having said something about taking a video in case something like this happened. He also mentioned what I was thinking, that this was taking so long and nothing was happening yet. I took a peek and realized that the gay man wasn't even in the mob. People were gathered around chip bags. I had seen the silhouette of someone holding up a knife earlier; I guess he was just opening a chip bag.

I glanced at my Nokia phone and wondered if I should call my dad to pick me up already. The time was still August (8PM?) so not that late yet. I decided to stay and continue to wait.

They were still waiting for something. A girl who was pretty important with the mastermind group was near, and wondered out loud when the pianist would get here. Apparently they still wanted the man to perform and were planning something during the performance. I wondered if she would mention any names that I could get on my voice recording.

I woke up and it took some time to realize and reassure myself that none of this had actually happened.

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The auditorium scene seemed to be in a hospital.

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