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Budhic dimension?

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Thursday, September 8 2011 Views: 536

I had a vision during my autogenic training meditation- I don't know, whether it was fantasy but it felt true. I must believe in my feelings, they are very seldom false.

I found myself in vastness of space, light grey space... there were stars in distance, many and many stars. I was hanging there, my vision was 360° I had no body. I was one of those stars when I looked on myself from outside. Time flow was very slow. I felt to be immersed in LOVE. It was like I was there very long time. Then I started very slowly thinking- only it weren't thoughts. It was like thinking by emotions, slow like glaciers. I got to reach one of stars in distance, and to merge with her. It took very long time to build resolve and to start fly. I was flying very long… for eternity… I wasn't successful. My concentration and internal balance slipped... 

Additional Comments:

This experience happened maybe 15 years ago, I didn't write down dates...

I do not have so great understanding about laws in there, but what I remember of being there, it is very difficult to do something there, and there are other laws than in astral. Other time experience, very, very slow time flow. No thought possible, no normal emotion possible(even by astral world standard) it felt like thinking by emotions and feelings so weak that they were almost nonexistent and those seemed to have strange "structure"... one such 'feel' seemed to span hundreds of years... and to reach decision to fly to that star took very, very long time. 


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