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OBE- Vampires again

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Thursday, September 8 2011 Views: 524

With vampires again... but it was not with them personally, but with persons they turned against me. Tens of turned people attacked me and I fought back- sending to them healing energy and turning them back to normal. One person was girl, someone who I think is my soul mate or twinsoul... I really don't know... but I feel her to be very special... She was worst case and problem was in me... I have problem every time I'm near her, to concentrate... and in astral (at least for me) is concentration and state of equilibrium the cornerstone of existence there. Any bigger lack of concentration, any bigger loss of equilibrium and I'm back in my body. So I was oscillating in and out from emotional and mental equilibrium, strugling to find equilibrium, to stay there, so I could help her... and therefore unable to do anything else. While I was trying to regain concentration, she bit me to neck... there was bright blue-white light and she changed from possessed version to something angelic... I remember talking with her about my love to her... every touch was visible light and lightening(it is strange that light seems to be blue or blue-violet.... never red, green or yellow...) but I didn't remember any information after I waked...

Additional Comments:

I didn't know, she had problems in her life at that time, that someone is psychically and physically abusing her... maybe she was crying for help? Anyway, she ended that relationship. Maybe I helped this way? I don't know.

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