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Visit to the friend

Lucid Intent

Technique: Other
Wednesday, May 10 2017 Views: 94

I escaped my body and for a while I didn't see anything. So I kept moving while waiting for the visual contact.

After some while (a few subjective minutes) I found myself naked in the bedroom of my friend. I was never there physically, so I don't know how it looks in reality, but I saw the full moon shining bright through south oriented window and balcony. Her bed was along the north wall of bedroom. Her head was pointing to west, and her feet were on east part with doors from the room close by... The room was lit by the full moon which cast bluish light... It was like the blue light particles were dancing in the very air.

I felt great… as always when I do OBE- concentration on being “here and now” without active thoughts… :) thinking through calm feelings. I sat into the air in the lotus position approximately in the height of bed. I shined enclosed in blue violet aura reaching about 10cm from my body. There was no need to do something, I just sat there and observed my friend and the surrounding, calmly for long minutes.

When my friend started to stir I become vigilant. What is happening? Then I started to see something growing close to her feet. It looked like black cloud with a very dark blue shining on some parts of it. It grew slowly, like cumulonimbus does on the sky, up to about 1m size. Then it started to move to my friend who was uneasily stirring in her sleep. My senses felt malicious intent from that cloud. So, to ward that cloud away, I concentrated and extended my aura so it covered also my friend. The cloud tried to come closer, but it was repulsed. After a few tries it started shrink into itself, till it disappeared. We were left again alone. My friend looked sleeping peacefully again.

I was sitting there for more long minutes and I had fallen into sleep after that. 

Additional Comments:

*Nakedness in the case of OBE (astral projection) is frequent by me. *There may be some precognition- in the case of the rough room layout. *I can’t do lotus position in real life. I tried to learn my body to about 30 years ago, but I wasn’t determined enough, it was quite painful after even short time. Never mind for minutes. Savasana position is the best. *I remember to have short hairs on head… in reality, I’m nearly half bald. While I don’t feel any conscious problem with that… Am I feeling subconsciously the need of them? I dunno. Hairs are irrelevant *It is not first time I met such cloud in my travels in astral. I think it may be some malicious being, or my interpretation of it. When I visit lower regions of astral there are better defined beings. I don’t exactly know what I should think about it. I theorize that that being may be unable to exist there in its true shape. Well if that all is not only a dream and OBE is real moving into higher dimensions… it feels real… It doesn’t matter in reality, I don’t have a proof whether OBE is real or just a dream. Feeling is not enough :). *I sign this friend often as significant other, or that it is romantic, but it isn't physical thing here.


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