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Zombies again???

Lucid Intent
Saturday, July 15 2017 Views: 122

I emerged into dream at some unfamiliar place, the sun was shining, the nature was lush and gorgeously green. I was walking and observing... for a long time straight in one direction.
I wondered where everyone is. After some time I saw a three person walking, slowly, one after other. So wanting to be in a company, I changed direction to them. When I came closer I saw that those people were zombies... I'm dreaming! OK, so I will explore. I came closer to them, they were strange, Their skin was covered by short twigs with small leaves... some small mushrooms. They registered me as I came about 2 meters from them. They were slow. I wondered when they will stop to move and enroot. I wasn't interested to battle them, they didn't do anything threatening to anyone... and to me... well, I didn't matter of course. So I took original route and walked away.
After some time I came to the city. Nearly empty. On the streets those zombies slowly walked around aimlessly. They were in various state of change into plants.I saw some zombies walking around broken fence, each of them was wounded by broken fence, leaking brownish green "blood" from wounds. I stopped to observe what will happen next- there was man running through that fence some time later and he got scratched... from scratch small twigs started to grow... he was zombified...
I walked again... I saw big river, so I walked there. I found normal people there. They were trying to get to ships and to sail away from land. I had chosen one ship to sail where other people wanted to go. There was captain- a dark haired woman, she asked people their names, some of them weren't allowed to sail on that ship. She asked me for my name. I introduced myself. She told me that I can sail on that ship, that my wife reserved place for me. I started to examine the ship... and I saw that it is starting to take a water, we were too heavy. I went back to the captain and told her that I will not sail with her ship, because it is too full of people and it will sink in short time if enough people doesn't unship. And I went out of ship. At once, the ship was maybe 10 cm higher  so, it wasn't taking water in anymore.
I was walking through some buildings, dark without electricity. People were scared of zombies and tried to hide there. They looked like they were scared of each other too. I found a young girl, less than 20 years old with brown hair in ponytail. She was trying to learn something from scripts- I felt that she has to have an exam. I told her to be calm and relaxed, that all will be much better then. 
I went out of building back on the streets. There, I accidentally touched a zombie- I thought that other girl is in problems, but she was zombie already. And I felt as twigs started to grow from my skin... and that my consciousness starts to slip away. Of course I couldn't allow it. I concentrated and blue aura exploded from me, cleaning my skin, and also skin of that girl because she was close and surrounded by my aura too. It looked like she was healed, since she stopped to walk slowly and was alert at once. "Go in peace, you were healed" I told her and walked away.
I came to something looking like small electric plant. A few engineers were there talking, that they need to start electric generator, but they feared to enter the building. So I volunteered. I went inside. I walked through quite empty building to the room, where generator was placed. I went into room and felt something dangerous at once. So I closed the doors from inside, blocked them and shouted to engineers, that they shouldn't go inside, into room (to me), because there is demon inside. I started the generator. Then I located the demon- he/she was dark, unhappy being. He/she wanted to go out, but didn't know how to open those doors. And he/she couldn't walk through wall for some reason. I started to talk to demon, trying to find a solution to his/her predicament. I woke up short time after that- I didn't have time to help...

Additional Comments:

I don't understand: why the zombies again? They were different, but why? I don't look on movies with them, I don't think about them, in my opinion it is just very, very stupid fantasy. (Dream zombies are different, I only name them as zombies- not because they are, but because they are moving around without reaction, doing strange things.) DEILD feels much, much less conscious than WILD ...


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