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When Where Why?

Friday, August 18 2017 Views: 128

Me and Daiz were in some city with my cousins family (Heathers) me and Daiz got split up from them for awhile and found ourselves at a bar and took a Cocktail from Some chick who bought them for us and we hung out for awhile. I can't remember how we got there but after the bar we went to a baseball game with Heather and her family. I remember that for some reason that I should have thought was strange. We were being really loud and obnoxious particularly because we me and Daiz were drunk and the people around us were not liking it and kept telling us to be quiet. They even showed a light on us to tell us to be quiet. At this point, I was also told Heather and her family to quiet down. They did for a moment then went back at it. I walked off up the stadium steps and was stopped by a girl who asked me if I wanted to go out sometime. She said it in kind of desperation ( I'm sorry to say this be she wasn't exactly a dim in the dozen. She had a little bit of a beer belly as well) now I don't know why I did it but I told her to come with me. She sat behind us so she had been watching me and I knew she would have done just about anything with me so we went into a classroom!! in the stadium and started to kiss. She was way too into it. I had to try and stop her so I could give her some tips on kissing. I mean I'm no pro but it didn't feel right and then she freaked out and I left immediately. On my way back to my seat I saw my cousin ( Jacob ) Riding a bike down the stairs of the stadium then jumped the fence and started to ride on the Field. I didn't know what the heck was going on Nothing was making any sense. And when I woke up, I figured out why... 


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