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Nightmare/Don't Trip

Wednesday, August 18 2010 Views: 136

All I can remember is what was going on, some how a zombie apocalypse was happening. I and several others busted through the front door a house that seemed all too familiar, we scavenged the house for supplies and found a few weapons that would be useful in a fight. After that, the dream seemed to change without my notice. The apocalypse didn't seem important anymore and just wasn't on my mind. I still knew I couldn't go outside but the zombies just weren't a concern anymore.

I knew the house there were many rooms and Windows. At this time it started to get dark and everyone started heading to bed. Just me and one other were still up. I can't place his name but he sat in the living room on a couch next to a rocking chair. He wasn't a talker so I ended up looking on everyone to make sure they were alright, and I stumbled upon a room I hadn't been in before. Inside the room were a very girlish room, pink walls white table and a girl sitting on her bed. I couldn't tell who it was I couldn't remember seeing her before and something else cough my eye she was face down drawing pictures on the bed. I asked how she was... she didn't respond I walked over to her. when I was about an arm's length away, she looked at me. At first look I knew she was special, literally special not metaphorically. She just looked at me, so I asked her what she was drawing. When I asked I looked at the paper she was drawing on and saw a sight. Sharply drawn dark figures, it looked like they were drawn in a hurry. Then out of know where the girl spook, she spoke quietly but it didn't sound like it should. Like she was calm and was certain of what she was saying. "They'll never stop coming" immediately after she went back to drawing another dark figure. At first, I was confused, then I noticed something coming into my view. It was close to my face yet I could see right though it. The same dark figure the girl was drawing was coming into my vision. It was a man completely black. His face was as black as midnight yet I could still see right though him. His eyes were only sockets hallow and empty. I was petrified, I closed my eyes and rubbed them hard. When I opened my eyes again he was gone and the girl was looking down and drawing. I quickly left the room confused and a little nervous, I didn't believe what I saw so I casualy walked away. But was halted when yet again I saw something coming into my view inches form my face. The same hallow man. I quickly closed my eyes but it was as if my eyes were not even closed the hallow man was at his fullness, and he stared at me with an emptyness. I turned away, but I was being pledged by this shadow and everywhere I turned I would see him. He was infesting my mind. my thoughts were racing was what I was seeing even real, but the fear I felt was more real then anything I have felt before. I stumbled back to the rocking chair, my friend was still sitting on the couch but clearly wasn't seeing anything. I kept quiet about what I was seeing and for the time being I couldn't see anything abnormal.

I sat thinking when I saw the girl walking towards me. I sat there still, the fear inside me building up. But I did not move. My friend seemed fine so I must be. She walked right up to me then paused for a moment. Then proceeded to say. " have a nice trip" with that being said she pushes my chair just far enough to fall backwards. I tryed to catch myself but I didn't need to. The chair fell until it was about a foot off the ground then stopped. After I realized I wasn't going to hit the ground I noticed I wasn't in the same room I was in before but a new room entirely. It was dark in the room but I could quicky tell it was a girls room and that the only light source was a dim lamp. For some Strange reason the dim light seemed to hurt my eyes so I proceed to put one hand in front of the my light. With my hand in front of me I look around and from the corner of my eye I saw a bed with a girl standing on the bed. She was positioned towards me. I knew she was staring right at me, but I could not see her face my hand was still in front of me and I could only see her body. But deep inside me I was stuck with fear, I couldn't look at her face. For an unknown reason but I know I couldn't and the fear keeped me from looking.

Additional Comments:

The Date is not correct but this was years ago. I can still recall some of it. Also, I can't stress this enough. I had real fear in this dream, true fear. like the kind of fear you have when death is at your doorstep. I believe its dreams like this one that sparked my interest in dreams. feel free to give your thoughts...

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