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Power Overwhelming

Wednesday, August 23 2017 Views: 129

A young Princess found a way to steal power. She found a demon and killed it, the demons pet congratulated her and wanted to be her pet. He looked much like a spider only larger than any human But with him begging she destroyed him too. Her hair turned from a beautiful white to having streaks of black. Her hair went all the way to the ground only sometimes it's longer other times it's shorter and doesn't touch the ground. After killing both these beasts she could feel her new found power and wanted more. She went out in search of this even more powerful foe. Then she found him a demon of great power. She slew it with ease and could feel her strength growing. On her way back to her sister's kingdom. When she passed through the front gate all she saw was horrified faces. Some were saying she has a demon in her and that she was cursed. Others said she would try and consume the world. She fled only to return in the dead of night. In the dark, she moved swiftly and quietly to her sister's chambers. Her sister the queen was awake and had worry in her. She stood in thought on her Terrace. The queen's sister moved to the terrace unseen. She stood close now close enough to reach out and grab her. Instead, she dropped to her knees and begged her sister to forgive her and to help her break the curse she caused.

Additional Comments:

I believe I was actually watching this all happen like I was watching a movie. I know this because once or twice I would come back to myself and see that I and dozen others were also watching this all happen.


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