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Friday, August 25 2017 Views: 87

In the early stages of my dream I was at, maybe a gas station and I was sitting on the grass. I had my ear buds in and I could feel a numbness in my arm so I looked down to see several bites from a spider. It was a little concerning but it was only a slight numbness so I continued to listen. Then I realized that I felt almost dizzy I looked at where my spider bites were and saw the spider was actually still alive and was currently biting me. I quickly smashed it and hit it off of me. I then pulled off my headphones and decided to leave but on my way to my car. I felt strange and it seemed as if I couldn't see very well neither could I hear. This had me getting worried. When I get to my car a car pulls up next to me and I see my mom in the car. It wasn't her car but I thought she was just with a friend and in their car. I opened the car door to tell my mom that I should go to a Dr or something only to realize that my mom was neither of the women. I tried to apologize but it was as if I couldn't speak. I was getting dizzy my arm has a numb/stinging feeling, I couldn't hear and I couldn't speak... I don't think I was enjoying myself much anymore. I stumbled over to my car tried to get in it, then woke up.

Additional Comments:

I should mention that before I fell asleep I was listening to music. On top of that, I think I was in the very early stages of the dream. I had slept maybe 40 minutes before I woke up. For the reasons I was having a hard time, that is probably because of the music it actually was playing in my ears and carrying over into my dream. when I woke up my arm was also numb and tingling probably due to the fact that i had only barely fallen asleep.


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