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Stranded and battle hardened.

Lucid Intent
Friday, August 25 2017 Views: 47

I started by getting stranded on an island, it appeared like ARK, I knew I needed to survive. I wasn't alone I found a fort on the shoreline with a few people in it they told me they had just gotten there. All the sudden a boat drove past us with a group of people on it all shouting at us, they didn't seem friendly. But they didn't attack. Just drove by and went on their way. I assess the situation we didn't have much and there was just a few of us on this structure. Then from out of know where a large airline plane came down and crashed into the ground, it was coming straight for us as it was being dragged through the sandy shoreline it just about touched the small structure I was in. I could hear all the people inside freaking out I ran inside. To my surprise, most of the individuals on board had survived the crash I grabbed a few things to use for my survival and told everyone to head into the woods that they would need a fire to survive. I honestly think I said this more so I could make it because I knew for experience the jungle had dinosaurs and other strange creatures. I had walked in there earlier and was attack by little packs of Dino's and they were, they were also my dinner. Well after I had grabbed some stuff I walked out of the plane. Saw that we were completely surrounded by guys with guns and one girl, just thought I'd mention her. They were shouting and telling everyone to get back on the plane. That did not sound like a very good idea to me so instead I slowly walked towards them and tried to negotiate something with the guy who looked to be in charge (he wasn't) at this point just about everyone else had already gone back into the plane. The man I was talking to wasn't going to have it he pointed his gun right at me and caulked it. I bolted for the plane and he unloaded his clip in my general direction! I made it in the plane just fast enough not to die but I was shot right in my... my ass I know this because I looked at it several times later.
After getting shot they rounded us all up and I find myself in a new area. The place I am in is like a jungle but pyramid like looking structures all around. I'm not with all the other people from earlier but just the guys that took me captive. I don't know exactly what happened to the rest of the others, They bring me to a large cage, it is made of nets, not metal this is intended. I also still have a bullet in my butt. They throw me in the cage and a few others are thrown in as well. A few of the individuals started to fight immediately. I kept to the edge of the cage. My first mistake because it was just a net, my patrons watching me from the outside gave me a good hit in the back and I hit the ground hard. That is when I started to fight. Even injured I was Much more capable than these people. I fought and won. I think before when they said I was going to die they might have just said it to freak me out or they were actually going to if I lost, I don't know. But I won and that gave me an in into their group. After I won they sent me to meet the leader. He was a fierce man who was not merciful in any matter and on more than one occasion killed his own men for failing or even getting in his way. I don't remember our encounter very well but he told me that I could work for him if one I did what he said without question and two you protect my Paradise. That is when he showed me the lay of the land. It was massive! He had a small city. Looked more like a suburb lots of house in the middle I also believe it was walled off from the wilderness because you know Dino's the further out you go the wilder it got the mountains were aways in the distance but were still large in scale. Mads Mikkelsen real life actor for the bad guy in my dream... He sent some guys to remove the bullet and then sent me on a mission or two at that point.
I had received some cred amongst some of his men. I would usually stick to the roofs when at home base. I talked to this group of guys about the boss and found out his daughter had died on a boat, it sank and Mads and his right-hand man had survived. ( I actually watched it happen kinda like a flashback) Then they took over the island and made it his! At this point I and two others were being sent to retrieve and to rally at a certain point. I was with his right had man and this girl who I found to be vary attractive to say the least. We were sent to stop a disturbance by some freedom fighters. I don't remember if I attack them or if they attack me but we subdued them and had them in custody. One of the men was trying to tell me that I had it all wrong. I didn't know what he was talking about. On our way to the rally point I remember us being in the mountains climbing over rocks and it was getting dark. When we reached our rally point there were dozens of trucks razors and other dune vehicles. I saw Mads he told us that our enemy was trying to destroy our Paradise and that we were going to stop it!! That is when I have a really cool (fury road like driving sequence)  we are all driving and following that's when I saw one of our drivers drive off an edge to our right and exploded! What an idiot. When we arrived it wasn't exactly what you'd expect.
This is when things get a little weird. We all stop and get out our vehicles and heading to a large, large cave when we enter the cave you see a ledge over the ledge I see Morpheus who was the freedom fighters leader. He is suspended in the air I know this because I see no bottom to this pit. He is suspended and he is being changed like his body is being changed I'll explain in a sec. when Mads sees him he yells a firing order and several men open fire. At that moment Morpheus Flys up and attacks, people go flying including myself who lands right on the edge. Morpheus stricks Mads he goes flying in a spiral right over me. That girl I mentioned earlier jumps to his rescue and jumps on top of me and catches Mads hand over the edge! I am painfully aware of her Chest on mine. She pulls him up. Morpheus is busy fighting his men who are now engaged in the heat of battle. That's when I ether make the best or worst decision of my life I jump in the pit. But I'm stoped by an invisible Barrier. When I am halted I can see my body being changed I am getting bionic arms and wings with propellers on the ends infused to my arms!! The process doesn't take long and I am flying in the air! It was amazing! The amazement was short lived because the battle that infringed next was legendary!! I engage in battle with Morpheus we clashed and used our wings as weapons flying place to place in epic combat he was tying to tell me that I had it all wrong that he wasn't the bad guy. The battle started to move in my favor. Then he stoped fighting and he said he would return when he wakes up... I took advantage of his lack of fighting grabbed him and flew him into the ground and came down right on his chest...
Then I woke up

Additional Comments:

This dream was quite possibly the coolest dream I have ever had. unfortunately, I don't have the date correct it was a few weeks ago. It was very vivid, I believe I went lucid but lost it on purpose because It was awesome. I wasn't even able to write it all down. I remember that I had forgotten a few things. like for one my encounters with the dinosaurs was more than a few times and the missions I was sent on for a second.


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