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A Static Symphony

Saturday, August 26 2017 Views: 44

The dream begins with chaos a city in chaos. I remember that the army was in town and maybe a war was going on or just mass disarray I'm not entirely sure but only in some parts of the city were there things really bad like looting and riots but for the most part, things were ok. I was with my family as well and we were heading home when we heard a loud crash and then shouting and screaming. That's when I see my older sister start to run towards a building with all this happening all at the same time. That's when I have the craziest déjà vu like as if it were a vision of either the future or a past dream but I knew my sister was in danger like her life was in danger and it would be changed forever if I didn't stop her. I ran after her. People were everywhere and I had to push my way through them. When I reached my sister she was about to go into the building that everyone was Evaluating form. I grabbed her before she could go in. Then I said, "I'll do it stay here!" I climbed through some debris and ended up in the basement it had water to my knees and crap was everywhere. That is when I could feel something calling to me. I followed that feeling it brought me to a strange sight. A radio was sitting on a table. Next to it was a toy. I can't explain how I knew that these items had a power to them but I knew. Either from the unbelievable déjà vu or that feeling that brought me to them. (I honestly think they were from a dream I had forgotten but I'm not exactly sure. They had power and my sister was going to unlock it but I stopped her) I could hear static in my ears now and it was getting stronger the closer I got. I picked up the radio and started to Fidgett with the radio nobs. That's when I felt the building shake. The static was now very overpowering. It was basically the only thing I could hear now. Then it clicked, or I unlocked it. I stood musing at its power. The building began to shake and I could feel rubble falling on me now but I was not afraid. Even when the building fell began to fall I was not afraid. I knew what kind of power I had. I woke up just fine (still in the dream) I knew what going on but it was very strange I woke up that morning before I was crushed under a building impossible but it happened and I could still hear that sound of static it was a constant now but very subtle. The next while in the dream is very fussy but I ended up somewhere I shouldn't and had mastered my abilities to the point where I didn't even have to go back in time or if I did I would forget those memories. I was in sync with the power and it showed. I somehow ended up on a plane, a military plane and it was hostile to me. It was taking off when I boarded the airplane I started to fight my way through the crew mostly with my hands. Like I said I was in sync no mistakes. Know one stood a chance against me. I fought with skill. Every time one man dropped another would show his face and fail. I then took the plane and figured out how to drive it I didn't even have to remember the mistakes I made anymore.

Additional Comments:

The best way I can explain the power I had Is kinda like... When playing a video game when you die you get to restart. It was like that only in the beginning I could remember the mistakes but shortly after I would forget them as if I never made them at all. This is another dream I had a few weeks ago but didn't put the date on.


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