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A Shepherds Sheep

Wednesday, August 30 2017 Views: 37

This will be a collection of dreams from my past of reoccurring dream per say 
I was in my house when I could hear the sound of a nuclear bomb alert. You know that really loud siren. I remember what it felt like more than what It looked like now. But I knew it was over I was terrified. I didn't know what to do how much time do I got. I had no idea what to do could I even do anything... I stood there and then dropped to my knees I prayed to God to save me and I was saved.
I was in a building and there were hundreds of people around it could have been an airport but I'm not sure. I was doing whatever I was doing when the building began to shake. I knew it couldn't handle much more and some of it started to fall. I dropped to my Knees and asked God to save me. He did
I was in the water, deep water, clear as day Ocean water. I could breathe in the water but it was not a concern for some unknow reason but I was young, sharks have always been a concern of mine especially when I'm in the ocean. So I looked around me I turned to see it a shark that was a good 20 yards away swimming right for me I turned and swam as fast as I could only to see another shark coming from the other direction! They were close now! So I did the only thing I could I prayed to be saved, I prayed with everything I had in me. I wasn't consumed by a shark that night.

Additional Comments:

Dreams are from my childhood, So considering I still remember them this well, they were profound.


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