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Lucid Intent
Wednesday, August 30 2017 Views: 41

I dreamed I was part of the game of thrones cast and a serious incident happens while we are preparing for one of our large boats to arrive at the castle. When it does it capsized because it hits a wall and we had to get everyone out. Later I find myself in a river maze I remember the transaction between the dreams it went from at a castle in Game of thrones to helping people out of the water to down a river to a river maze that took me to my Riverton house. Where I Become lucid and tried spinning in circles. The spinning was very strange with every full turn my environment would slightly change then I tried summoning a door. It worked and I got excited and woke up. ( the door ?? was in the very middle of my room) I think it might have even been slightly opening when I woke up. 

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