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The Chase

Saturday, September 2 2017 Views: 29

I was in some big city with Daiz and Colton and we had gotten pulled over. I was driving but it was Diaz's car (that is flawed, it magically changes into mine later) anyways after we get pulled over and the officer walks over I tell her to give me a sec to find my wallet. So she walks back to her car. For some reason, the car unlocked and started to roll down the street. Because further down the street you can't pull over I took a right and then immediately pulled over. I then waited for the cop to come back... she didn't come. So we celebrated for our luck. Some how shortly later we found our way into some kind of amusement park but we used to like the service entrance so we didn't have to pay. After we parked at a dock (it was a harbor and I could see across to the other side where large skyscrapers are) we park and head down the dock a decent distance and find a bunch of people using kayaks and other boats, Daiz jumps in and is socializing. I hesitate. Because I still have my phone on me and so I decided to bring it to my car.
 On the walk back I am stopped by a strange fellow. He started rambling on about how I was robbing him. I was trying to convince him I wasn't but he wasn't having it either he didn't care if I was telling the truth or he was a little crazy. He comes in to hit me and I block it and with a quick jab, I hit him in the face. He stumbled back and called out. (For the sake of a more Coherent story the guy I punch his name is Sam) Two of his friends are walking over now. I look around only to realize I am painfully alone. I could try and get past all three of them and run for my friends or run the other direction. They were talking to Sam and told him to calmed down by his comrades. Then he told them that I had just punched him In the face. ( I forgot to mention I was only in a swimming suit and had my pants and shirt in one arm.) They didn't give me enough time to decide what to do and I run towards me. I had dropped my clothes. I didn't need them anymore. They were close on my heels but I'm fast. I run around a corner and make a sudden stop. Sam came around the corner I attacked with a quiet few to the face and ran for the docks I was now feet from my car. But there was no way I was going to be able to get in my car and I didn't want them to know what car was mine so I ran past it to the dock. I thought it would be a better idea if I made my way to my friends and a more public place. When I get to the dock I noticed Sam now has a stick with him and his friends are right behind him. Now because of the difficulty in writing this next part, I will just say the I was on a rather broken down dock or at least where I was it was broken down. I had to jump a few times from dock to dock and wood panel to another wood panel. I had to block with my arms because of the large stick Sam had and on a few different occasions, I was giving all of them a decent beating, More often than not It was from a surprise attack or because I got above them. I can't recall ever making it to my friends just that I was fighting. I was scared in the dream as well 


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