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Duel of the Finest

Saturday, September 2 2017 Views: 34

I was in a castle and as far as I could tell I was trying to retake it with a dozen men. While in the castle we fight our way though our opposers and as we retake the castle somehow something doesn't feel right to me. we never actually found the evil Queen. I am looking around for awhile and the longer I look the more confused and concerned I get my men are also disappearing. I am now alone and weapon less (don't ask how or why I can't recall I had one now it's gone) I find my way into a room it has an odd feel to it no that wasn't it, it quite literally had a strange sound coming from it. I walked in and found that in the closet a hidden secret door inside. I walked down and was brought to a table of swords. The strange sound sounded more like the cries of dying men now. I looked at the swords and grabbed ( the closet resemblance is called a Backsword or the sword Corvo uses in dishonored) the sword was heavier then I would have liked but it would suffice.
 I walked around the corner. I see a large room. Four pillars in a square resembling a sparring arena. I could see my men all chained up to my right, the Queen directly in front of me. To my left were a few of her subjects and She had Three men that all looked more than formidable. One stood ready sword drawn as a challenge. (Now normally in a dream fight I am either basically unstoppable or on the run. This one is different I was while capable the injuries that are inflicted upon me almost felt real and would handy cap me with a proper strike. Part of me wants to say the pain I felt was real.) I now stood ready our swords clash and he gets a quick slash of my left leg. Now limping I am forced in to my defensive fight. Our swords clash again and again. we move around our square arena.  Then he managed to in one swift motion cut the back of my right leg up to my right arm. This was bad even if I managed to take him down I had two more to fight after. With my back now to the queen and my opponent Musing at my wounds in front of me. A devious plan is formed. I take two steps back and swing around, her guard surprised only has a second to respond as I stab him in the chest. I then grab the queen and before anyone as time to stop me I have my blade to her throat. I walk us slowly to my men all chained up and shout "release them" with more power in my voice than in my body. It turns out that the queen has the key and with my blade still at her throat she turns around and gives it to one of my men, who starts to unlock himself. With the queen now looking into my eyes. She says "Your a fool" at that moment she grabs the blade of my sword and a sharp pain is felt in my gut. She is away before I have time to breathe out. I now see the 3 inched blade in her hand bloody red. It gets foggy after this. I think I am passing out. The last thing I hear is my men fighting or were they screaming...

Additional Comments:

The ending is more of what could have happened, I was passing out. same goes for our fight I can't recall exactly how it went except for the fact that I was losing and I could feel my wounds and that I used the queen as a hostage.

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