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A woman's Company

Lucid Intent

Technique: RT
Monday, September 11 2017 Views: 46

I am at a movie theater with my little sister. We have already taken our seats She is on my right. A Woman with a kid of her own sits to my left. Now I can't recall exactly how old she is not too old more like a Cougar. Anyways she ends up lying her head on my shoulder and whispers words into my ears now I can't remember what she said but I'm getting the Impression that she is trying to seduce me. I whisper in her ear to follow me and tell my sister that I have to use the bathroom. I then start to walk out. On my way out I do a reality check (older woman aren't usually seducing me) I realized I was in the dream and my mind was racing then I realized the woman should be almost out the door. I then thought why not. When she gets to me we exchange a few words and while I'm walking her into a not all that secluded Area I ask her "what do you want" then before she can respond I pull her closer "what do you really want" I believe she said "I want you" but honestly I could have started to make out with her before she got the chance. Now I can't remember our encounter very well but I think it was intense and also brief It wasn't all to sexual but it was enjoying none the less. Anyways I don't recall how but after we finished kissing I found myself looking at the people around me and somehow I appeared to have changed places I was now in either a Church or a school not sure which one but for some reason, the people around me started to seem hostile. Like they didn't want me there it's cool too because once I made this connection they actually became hostile everyone around me charged me. I would say at this point I had no worry what so ever. If anything I felt very much alive. I ran from the people dodging some and making my way outside. I jumped a fence and saw a corn field before I made my way inside it I would try and keep in mind that I was lucid. I could hear dogs coming after me. I darted in but a dog was close behind me. When it got to me I picked it up and tried to calm it down then I came to an opening that looked like my old houses backyard it had a trampoline and I got up on it still with the dog in my hands. Around this point, I lose the dream either by me waking up or because I lose my lucidity.

Additional Comments:

I said that I may have just lost lucidity because it wasn't the only dream I had.


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