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Ronald McSnarls (Dream in a dream) Illustrated

Lucid Intent
Monday, August 18 2008 Views: 5760

In the earlier part of this dream I am on a pile of sand. It is like sand on the beach, if it were slightly wet and a little bit more than packed lightly. It has a curious shape, like the shapes of sand in a wind blown desert, only piled high. There are a few bands of colors in the sand, which might have been algae of different colors. I am digging through this sand looking for something. Although I was not aware I was dreaming, I am sure that I was definitely aware that something unusual was happening, and that I had this opportunity to explore my own mind as it were, for lack of a better term. I am making slow progress and wonder if I might find a large sea shell to help me scoop the sand away more efficiently. I decide to try to dig in another location. I go to the top of the sand pile and begin to dig.

There is someone else there with me. I am not sure if he was there all this time, but I had not been alone along this sand, but whoever else was around wasn’t close. This man was on the other side of the peak of the sand pile. I had quickly found something with little digging, and it seemed like something made of water proof cloth or some sort, it was slightly rigid, and black, and about a meter long. I figure that it is some kind of case. I open up some straps along the thing and find that there are things inside of the bag. I lift out something that looks like two long metal black tubes, and protruding from them, inside, are long hard black shafts, and at the tips are wicked arrow points. There seems to be some sort of spring mechanism involved. There is some other part of the weapon that I pick up out of the bag. I seem to know exactly what to do with it, and slide the part into place with a click. The arrow tips are serrated, and the point is so sharp it almost vanishes. If the arrows actually hit someone, they would be nearly impossible to remove. At least no one could pull them out, but this was its function. The man who is in front of me is also lifting things from the bag.

One of the items is a small pencil sized thing, also black but when he picks it up a line in it turns neon green, and begins to make a beeping noise. Alarmed, I take the thing and throw it. For whatever peculiar reason there is a huge display of aquariums there. There seem to be several different sections arranged sort of like a surround sound stereo system, but with aquariums. I regret having tossed the thing carelessly into a tank, which almost immediately explodes, and water and some fish spill out on to the floor.

I now am looking at the tanks. Most of them are still intact and there are large ornamental fish gracefully swimming in the water. There is a green light over the tanks, giving the water a jade like appearance. Suddenly, and from I don’t know where, something falls into the one of the tanks. It is shaped like a rotund man wearing a yellow sort of jump suit. The arms are white and red stripped, along with giant red shoes, and red and white striped socks. On top of the man-shaped thing’s head is a peculiar sort of hat, with two very long things, sort of like a jester’s cap only two pronged instead of three. This hat is also red and white striped.

I immediately recognize the creature as a monster I drew six months previous to this dream. It was at least partly inspired by an illustration I found once in a collection of Native American folk tales. The illustration depicted a long skinny creatures with a two pronged striped hat, and I think it was meant to be a disparaging depiction of a Eurasian invader. I supposed that Native American probably did think white people looked demonic and strange with their sharp features blue eyes and very pale skins, though the weird head piece surely was something fanciful.


It is at this point that I become fully aware that I am dreaming, and the clown monster was positively terrifying. I even say the name I gave him when I drew it. Which was Ronald McSnarls, a hilarious deviation of Ronald McDonald the clown mascot of the restaurant.

However when I "wake up" I am still not really awake. I don’t even realize it though. I seem to wake up in a bed that is nestled inside a weird contraption. It like a house with moving parts, like if you were living inside a robot. I wake up inside the "house" and I immediately think to write down the dream I just had. I rotate a sort of handle above my head, that gets some other part of the machine going. I hear the mechanical whine as hydro-electric doodads do their work and raise the portion of the house I sleep in up towards a sort of desk area. It moves rather slowly, and then finally settles into place. I reach upwards to turn a plastic knob that turns on a small dim lamp that is set deep inside the metal and plastic frame above and around me. This portion of the house function as a sort of "driver’s seat." I open up a wooden box next to me and pull out a pen and open up a well worn out brown note book, and open to a clean page. I attempt to think about the sequence of events so I don’t accidentally leave anything out. I remember being quite excited about encountering a creature I thought up in my own head, and wondered what it could mean. But before I could begin to write anything down something distracts me.

In this new world that I have awakened in my mechanical house is also inside a ware house of sorts. There are other machines stored here, but none of them function as houses and I am really quite alone here, or I am supposed to be. I had "parked" my house near one of the large door ways of the ware house and I spot something bright red, white and yellow just barely, and see, to my horror, it’s the monster clown again. I think to myself that I had thought I had succeeded in escaping him, but here he is again. I am not sure he’s seen me, but I think I know the monster’s mind, and guess that he’s not interested in harassing me if I don’t notice him. In other words, if I pretend I hadn’t seen him he’ll just walk by, however it seems it was too late. He’d seen me looking at him for a the slightest glimpse. For a moment he backs away, obviously it is the case that the monster clown had not expected to find me again so soon. I don’t know what I should do, as I am not entirely sure what the creature intends to do. Maybe he’s actually harmless?

The next thing I know, however, is the clown monster attacks. He’s really very big, not just rotund but tall, too. I think his skin is the green like a goose berry, and his eyes are huge. I scuffle with the monster for a while before he pins me down, and threatens me with what I gather is a hypodermic needle. He’s talking to me all the while, but I don’t recall much of that, other than that there was only air in the needle and he explains that a good lot of it will do me when he stabs me with it. I am fairly petrified, but while he’s pressing the needle down on me with all his might, I have a hold of his paw, and holding it back. This seems to go on for a long long time, where neither of us budges not a tiny bit. It seems myself and the giant monster clown are evenly matched. We do not speak to each other during this time, and after a while I am just looking into the creatures face and he looks right back at me, and I find that I am not afraid of the creature, and then a sort of numbness spreads over me and I begin to think the clown doesn’t even exist at all, that I am not exactly hallucinating him, but that we’re somehow both the same, that’s why we can’t harm each other. There is no struggle anymore, and I very slowly wake up with the strange impression in my mind.

 monster clown

Additional Comments:

Lots to think about in this dream. Seems like it has a connection of one kind or another to some of my more recent dreams. The clown monster wears red, white and yellow, exactly like the paint I was being splattered with in the dream "Painted", here the similarity ends, but it does seem significant. Also there are similarities in another recent dream where I encounter the specious ghost demon. In that dream I threaten the monster by holding a knife to its face, but the roles are sort of reversed in this dream and the monster has  some sharp object at my face. I am still trying to figure out that very last part of the dream where I stop being scared of the monster, and realize we can't hurt each other.

I meant to upload the image of the drawing but can't  seem to make it happen.

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