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Enough to Do Already!

Sunday, September 7 2008 Views: 5718

In this dream there is a lot happening. I forget who it was but I am asked to boil some eggs. I am pretty annoyed about being asked, but I do not complain. Truth is I already had enough to do without the added burden of boiling any stupid eggs. I had been busy trying to print sticker labels with names on them, and I was having a lot of trouble with that, because other things got mixed in with the stack of labels, and someone else was too dumb to figure out what were the lables and what to put aside that were unrelated. I also had to solve that minor problem, too. It had been someone else's responsibility but they were too lazy (it says so in my notes, though I don't really remember that part consciously anymore).

Somehow, and for some reason I become a ferrett. This makes my tasks even more difficult because now on top of everything else I am also very short.

I approach the spot where the refrigerator is which has the eggs in it. Sitting around in a sort of semi-circle are a bunch of people just hanging around. They don't have anything they're supposed to be doing, so I am not annoyed that they're just sitting around. There is one fellow in particular who is playing an accoustic guitar, and he's not wearing a shirt. He's closest to the refrigerator, and I look up and ask him if he will please hand me down the carton of eggs.

I managed to open the door myself, but the eggs were far to high off the ground. The fellow looks down on me contemptously and at first tells me to get the damned eggs myself. I tell him that I am too short to reach them, and ask him again if he will please get the eggs for me. He puts down the guitar and pulls out the carton of eggs and then drops them in front of me.

The eggs all spill out and most of them break, and there is now a large pool of egg yolks and whites on the floor, and I am standing in it. I notice that some of the eggs were not even chicken eggs, they were very small like they could be quail eggs or even eggs of some sort of lizard. I begin to pick up shells parts and put them in the carton in a vain attempt to begin cleaning up. I want to step out of the pool of egg goo and scrape off my feet with my hands so at least I won't make eggy foot prints everywhere.

I am fairly furious by now because now I will also have to clean up this mess, too. I recall scraping off my feet, but it was like my body was normal again just for this task (but I don't notice that). Before I leave I scoop up a handfull of egg slop from the floor. The fellow who had been so rude to me before has sat down and began playing his guitar again. I muttered something about "sharing" and fling the goo right on his crotch. He looks down at the mess and seems rather stunned, and while he's doing that I scoop up some more egg goo and fling even more on him, and I might have done it a final third time, not sure, but I am ready to fight him now, and really really pissed off.

Then the next thing I recall is that I am looking in on a woman and a man in bed. The man says to the woman something about "being the last of his tribe," and he was referring to someone else, not himself. I look around wondering who they were talking about when all of the sudden I seem to be surrounded by menacing specters. One of them was a huge skeleton, and another was a greenish human like monster with huge fists. I am now pretty darned scared and I need to take out the trash, too, and it's just not going well with me at all.

Additional Comments:

This dream might be work related. There is this one co-worker who seems to always need my help with thing he really should be able to do all by himself by now. Honestly I  feel genuinely irritated every time he asks me to help him find paper. He's worked there for over three years and it's damned easy to find the stupid paper. He just doesn't want to do it, either that, or there is something just plain wrong with him, either way it annoyed the ever living hell out of me, and he nearly always needs help finding paper when I am busy doing my own work. I haven't a clue as to why I turned into a ferrett, that just makes no sense at all, but I dreamt of ferrett twice in the same night. I have friends who have a pet ferrett but I have little to do with it, so I don't think there is any connection between the pet and why I was a ferrett in the dream.

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