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Knives and Glitter

Friday, January 4 2013 Views: 291

I seem to be walking in a long dark hallway. It's carpeted in some places, and there are stairs that go to other floors. It seems to be arranged something like my old high school. The lights aren't working so there isn't much light, but you can still see. Whilst walking I kick a small object and in the dim light I see it's a small green plastic container with a pop up lid (I have a few of them, and they're for putting pills in). I also could hear that there was something inside of it. I bend down to pick it up. It has a few sequins in it. I think I might have a use for the container so I save it. As I walk on I find a cardboard box full of holographic foil wrapping paper, obviously someone didn't want it anymore. Remembering how pleased my mom was with the way I wrapped presents for my neices I thought I could take all this wrapping paper home with me, and save it for present in the future.  I also find more containers with sequins. Even though I have no use for sequins I can't help collect them. Somewhere else I find someone's laid out a whole lot of knives on the floor. I want all of those as well, but I am already over loaded with wrapping paper, sequins and other crap I can only manage to collect two knives. One of them was a butterfly knive. I really can't remember any thing else.


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