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Silver ball

Friday, July 28 2017 Views: 110

A next door neighbor needs to drive somewhere, and for a reason I no longer recall I need or want to ride with them, or they ask me to come with them. In the dream I barely know the people.

It's a teen girl driving and a male relative of hers is in the passenger side. I am in the back, behind the girl. As she is starting the car I get worried as I think she is a very inexperienced driver. I ask her desperately if she has a driver's licence. I have to ask about three times before she finally answers that she does. I don't really feel any better though.

All of the sudden there is a giant silver ball up ahead of us in the road. It's about 12 feet tall, and obscures vision completely everything after it.

There was plenty of time to stop, as the car was not going fast yet, but instead of stopping she keeps driving.

The ball bounces out of the way, liike it totally vanishes, and that's when I see the back of a elderly person riding a bike. The girl drives right over them. 

She keeps driving. I am horrified and tell her she MUST stop, but I can feel the panic between them, and they keep going.

I worry that they're just going to keep driving and driving and driving. I beg for them to at least let me out at the next corner.

They drive off into an empty grassy field, and they slow down, but do not stop while I jump out of the car.


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