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The English Butler

Sunday, August 6 2017 Views: 78

The earliest part of this dream I am on a beach. It's a very short beach near a large fancy hotel, but it's a very old hotel.

I find a large chunck of gold in the sand. At the same time so do a few other people.

This seems to somehow trigger a natural event, as the next thing I remember is running away from the beach, with the gold towards the hotel. I need to get on the elevator to get to the top floor where I can escape the beach, I guess the hotel must have been at the side of s cliff. Waves of water are coming fast.

I run into the hotel, but most of the people are calm, despite knowing the danger that is quickly approaching.

I find the elevator, it's tiny. Six people can comfortably stand on it without touching shoulders, but only just.

The operator attempts to send us off when a mother with her child insist on getting on. The operator couldn't do anything about it, and off we go, shuddering upwards. Those of us who were already on the elevator are panicky. The elevator is very clear, by a sign on the wall, that it can't handle anything above a certain limit. We can all feel how it seems to struggle.

One of the passengers is a teenaged boy who seems to have a great deal of knowleged of the elevator, and he excalims how there is too much weight and the elevator won't be able to stop properly.

Before we reach the top, everyone except me and the boy are on the elevator. I don't know, and don't even notice what happened to the other passengers. They're just gone, but the problem with the elevator remains.

The boy tries to explain to me what I must do to help us both get off the elevator safely, and hands me a wire cutter.

There is no roof to the elevator now, and I can see some of the mechanics of it. The boy points out the wire I must cut while he does something else, and we need to do these things at the same time. I neeed to be careful not to touch anything else. I could get shocked.

We time it correctly, but although the wire I tried to cut is very bent, the cut didn't go all the way through. We have to try again, and this time we are successful and get off the elevator.

The elevator is on the outside of the hotel, and I look down a slop where there is a man on a horse who speaks up to the boy. I understand that this is his man servant. I briefly wonder who even HAS a butler?

The man speaks with an upper middle class English accent, and congratulates me for handling the elevator. I don't wonder how he knew what we had just been through, but he shakes my hand and says "Tzologeist, I presume" I acknowledge that he is correct, but I am surprised that he knows my name. (although I haven't used that moniker is some time) 



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