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Pig Headed

Sunday, September 10 2017 Views: 65

I forgot how it comes to be, but I have turned into a pig, but I still walk on two legs, and I wear clothes. I have these enormous tusks curling out of my mouth, and although I can still speak perefectly well, I do have a serious drooling problem that I can't seem to control.

Sadly I don't remember too much, but there is something where I am walking along a road. There are many other animal people around. I am among the bigger ones.

For a bit two monsters follow me, I suppose thinking they could challenge me for whatever reason, and I notice just as they seem to change their mind and turn around and retreat. I remember saying to their retreating backs "Yeah, I thought so!"

Then, I think in the same dream there is a lake with brownish water, and I am disgusted to find it swarming with swimming worms. It appears there are as many worms as their is water. Some how I am in the water. I forget if I fell in or what. I worry the worms will sting me, bite or bore into my skin and lay eggs, I don't know what to expect, but after a while I find the worms are harmless and I can swim through them without worry. It's still gross, but not dangerous. 


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