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Diseased stray water cat

Wednesday, February 15 2017 Views: 79

I walked by a stream every day and kept a plastic container of fish food near by to feed the fish before my journey. One day, a male friend accompanied me and as I was throwing the food into the water, he said, "I think that's a cat." When I looked, there was a large disgusting deformed dark creature swimming underwater to get the fish food. We got freaked out and ran away. 

I continued to feed the fish, only to see more and more of that weird deformed water cat. One time, its body was just a bare grey skeleton but its head had fur and flesh; its head was a Maine Coon cat. Another time, I only saw the body and it was skinless with bare pink muscles and tumors protruding from different parts of it.

Additional Comments:

Before going to bed this night, I was wondering if there was something wrong with my cat because she throws up a lot.

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