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Living back in Hawaii with old friends

Thursday, February 16 2017 Views: 77

We moved back to Hawaii and bought a 2-story house in a small town on the island of Oahu. My childhood best friend, Laura was there and greeted me. I got a job at the university nearby. I befriended an African American woman who was a professor of botany. One day while heading home, I saw the reminants of an amazing orange sun setting below the horizon. I turned and mentioned this to my botanist friend and she told me in the mornings, the sun rises were even more glorious and that it came up over the taro patch (she pointed to a different garden patch in the opposite direction).

Early one afternoon an old childhood friend who lived around the corner from me knocked on my door. His name was Herman Lau. He said, "You offered to cook me dinner, so I'd love to take you up on your offer." I was really happy he had stopped by. I told him that was fine, except I had to go to the grocery store to get the ingredients. I also said it was still early (~1 p.m) and asked if he wanted to walk around my new neighborhood with me to check it out. There was a little mom-and-pop store a couple of blocks away that seemed interesting. He agreed. I was so happy because I had a flier that said store's specialty item that month was pearl jewelry. They also sold icees and snacks. I had never been there. The roads in our neighborhood were dirt, the neighbors had lush beautiful yards, and it was safe for children to play. The dream ended before we made it to the store. Most of this dream was grey, black, and white. Didn't have color, except for the sunset.

In another dream, I was still at the new house on Oahu when I saw the public city bus stop down the street from my house. People were disembarking. I laughed that the bus looked the same as it did when I was a school girl. Then I realized that I was scantily clad, wearing only a t-shirt and underwear (no pants). I rushed back inside the house hoping no one saw me. This dream was in color. I remember gazing nostalgically at the yellow stripes on the black and white bus. 

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