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Gerard Butler as The Phantom of the Opera

Lucid Intent

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Thursday, January 5 2006 Views: 106

I was backstage at the opera house.  I saw Erik (Gerard Butler) hand Madame Giry (Miranda 

Richardson) a red rose.  She sniffs it, then falls over, dead.  Erik runs away, frightened; he had 

not meant for her to get it, but Carlotta.


I am in his secret room below the opera house.  He is sitting in a chair before a mirror.  He is 

trying to cover his disfigurement with make-up.  He sees me reflected in the mirror behind him.  

I am wearing a white billowing shirt, black pants, and boots, and he wears the same, but with the 

shirt open, showing his chest.  I am down there with the actors and actresses from Don Juan

Triumphant, but they can't get to us because we are in his secret room, Christine is long gone 

with Raoul.  He turns to face me, and I clean the make-up off with a cloth on the table.


I stand between his knees and kiss him on the mouth.  It feels good, warm and soft, but not too 

wet.  I alternate between kissing gently and passionately, kissing across his lips, running my 

tongue across them.  At first, he doesn't kiss me back, doesn't fight me, just sits there, 

enjoying the attention. Then, I feel his hands cup my face.  It's kind of rough, but gentle and 



When we're finished, he stands and hugs me.  I feel his arms around me, and he's holding me 

very close to him; he feels so real and solid.  He starts to cry, really sobbing, I feel his stomach 

heaving as he does.  I gently pat and rub his back, trying to soothe him, feel the cloth of his 

shirt and the muscles underneath. I hold him tightly, trying to hold onto the dream, but it fades.



Additional Comments:

I'm not sure if it would have turned sexual or not, maybe I was curious and trying to hold onto the dream a little longer. I really wasn't interested in trying to have sex with him, just being a comforting presence. I had been watching The Phantom of the Opera before going to bed and using my Novadreamer, brainwave CD, relaxation CD, and Dr. Stephen LaBerge's lucid dream induction CD. They have been known to do strange things to my dreams. I love it when they are *this* lucid! My dream cue was the red rose that Erik handed Madame Giry.

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