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Sex, but not really sex, with Professor Petrie

Lucid Intent
Saturday, June 13 2009 Views: 79

I was walking through my house in my pink knee-length nightgown, recognizing everything about 

it.  When I walked into the kitchen, it looked just like it did in real life, except for one thing. 

Where a white utility table should have been, there was a man wearing red and white striped 

pajamas, lying on a red pallet, on the floor, asleep. I recognized the man as a young Herbert 

Lom,from the 1962 version of The Phantom of The Opera, before the accident.


The red on the pallet and the pajamas are my lucid dream cues, so I know that I am dreaming.  I 

can't resist and lay on top of him for awhile, relishing how good and real he feels under me.  I 

unbutton his shirt, running my hands over his smooth chest, kissing it.  I work my way upward, 

kissing his neck, face and lips.  I could feel that they were soft, warm, and slightly wet.


He's beginning to wake up by this time and I can see those dark eyes of his widen.  He kisses me 

back and moans, enjoying my touch.  


I keep stroking him.  I can feel his erection through his pants as I'm grinding against him.  I 

want to do so much more, but I am content just to be touching him.  I am also having my period, 

so it wouldn't be right to go any further anyway.  He is enjoying the "tender torture" I am 

putting him through, as though we have done this before.  He puts his hands on my hips, holding 

them as I ride him, and bucks against me.  


My mother comes in and asks if we want pancakes.  Who can think of pancakes at a time like 

this?!  The scene changes before he "comes", though.


It is later in the day. We are in Lord Ambrose D'arcy's office and Petrie is trying to sell his 

music, without  success; he is standing in front of the desk, wearing a brown suit, I am 

sitting in a chair in front of it, wearing a long blue-gray dress.  I am angry with D'arcy over the 

50 pound payment.  Petrie is standing behind my chair by this time, and puts his arms around me 

to comfort me.  His arm brushes against my breast, but I don't care.


The scene changes to that of the academy where he teaches music, and it looks like my old

elementary school.  My sister and I are his voice students, and we are fighting over him,

following him around, begging him to choose which one to marry him.  He finally says, "Meet me

in room 14 and I will give you my answer then."  I am walking up some stairs in a very long dress.

I recognize it as a dress I had in 5th grade, calling it my "square dancing dress", and wore it to

Colonial Days,  a project we had going then.  I turn around and my mother is behind me, walking 

very slowly up them.  I say, "Hurry up, or we shall be too late!"

































Additional Comments:

I'm not sure if I was having my period in the dream or not, but I was in real life. I probably wanted to see how worked up I could get him before he came, but I didn't get to see it. My sister wanting him for herself is because when we were growing up, she wanted everything and got it, leaving me with almost nothing, which is one reason we sometimes didn't get along. She was the oldest and she got stuff first, leaving me with the rejects and hand-me-downs. I'm so glad that we never had to fight over boyfriends, though. I was never really interested in the boys (nor girls, for that matter) all that much in real life. I never really "connected" with the few men I've dated enough to have sex with them, but sometimes, in my dreams, I'm kissing or having sex with strangers or celebrities. It seems strange to some people that I'm still a virgin at 41.

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