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Rejected Again By Herbert Lom/Choir, basketball game

Lucid Intent

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Tuesday, March 15 2016 Views: 76

I walk into a huge, fancy room with white walls and recognize it as the rehearsal hall where Paula 

Abdul shot her music video, Coldhearted.  There are a few changes:


Above the grates and strange design (I don't know what it is, but it looks like the comedy mask

on top of a fancy chandelier), there is a balcony.


Under that, I see a fireplace, with a fire in it, beside it is a huge bed, and Herbert Lom as Chief 

Inspector Charles Dreyfus from The Pink Panther movies is lying on it, on his back, clothed:  

plaid suit jacket, white shirt, black pants, no shoes.  I am wearing my T-shirt and underwear, 

what I'm currently sleeping in.  The fireplace is my lucid dream sign.


The floor is not bare wood, but has soft carpet on it. I walk over to the bed and lie down next to

him, putting an arm around his belly and my head on his chest.  He turns to look at me, then 

pushes me away, as if he knows what I want.  I say, "Let me love you."  But he says, "If I were 

as mad as people say that I am, I would let you."  Before I can ask him what he means by that, 

the scene fades.


It is some time later.  We are still in the bed, but we haven't made love.  We are talking, but I 

can't remember what we were talking about (I must have forgotten just before waking up).  We 

are lying on our stomachs, our arms folded on the pillows, our feet in the air behind us.  Maybe 

he just wants someone to talk to instead of a lover.  


By now, there are people walking around the room.  I recognize Elke Sommer as Maria, but no 

one else.  


It is sometime later.  Dreyfus is out of the bed, and I am upon the balcony, but can see 

everything as if I'm still in the room.  Francois hands him a piece of paper, then leaves the room.


The scene changes again and I'm standing at thebottom of the steps in front of my house.  

Everything about the scenery looks normal except for the fact that there is a railroad track on 

topof the sidewalk and Dreyfus and Francois are arguing over a handcar, who is going to push it 

what way.  Both get on and push and pull down the street.


The scene changes again and I am back in high school, but the school is not where I went to 

school.  I am in the theater, listening to the high school choir.  I think I recognize the song, but 

don't know.  All of a sudden, the theater turns into the gym, there's a basketball game going on  

and it's The Harlem Globetrotters!  I stay until the end of the game, then leave.  I don't 

remember who won.

Additional Comments:

I was watching In Search Of...on TV before I went to bed that night, and it was about Vincent Van Gogh. One of the things they said that he said was, "If I were as mad as people say that I am...!" I don't know why Dreyfus said it in the dream, though. The reason he pushed me away is probably because of impotence, which would not have been surprising, the stress of having to put up with Clouseau. I'm not sure who I was to him in the dream. In the movie, he was married, but not *happily*! His wife wore that green gunk on her face every night, having her look like "Swamp Thing", and all thoughts of sex probably went right out the window! I wouldn't have minded having an affair with the boss, though. We talked in the dream. Some people have told me that I am a good listener, not judge or anything, just listen. In the second dream, I was probably feeling bad about not furthering my education, and taking classes that I wanted to take, like music. I was eating cheese at 10pm to go to bed at 11:30 pm

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