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Strange Dream About Robert Englund

Lucid Intent
Thursday, May 6 2010 Views: 78

I was walking around inside my high school, recognizing everything about it untilI went to the 

library; it was from the movie, Evil Lives with Tristan Rogers that came out in 1992.


I see a short bald boy wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans go up to a bookcase a take down a 

book.  On the other side, he and I (I'm standing right behind him) see Robert Englund from his 

younger days (mid-to-late 1980's?) : short curly blonde hair, glasses, brown leather jacket, and 

gray t-shirt with yellow writing on it.  I think it says, Late Night with David Letterman, but I'm 

not sure because we're seeing him from the head-and-shoulder level with only the tops of the 

letters showing.  He is waving at us with the Freddy claw and smiling in a really crazy way from 

behind the shelf.  As he comes out, he is wearing jeans and tennis shoes.  He starts talking to no 

one in particular, but it comes out gibberish.


The scene has changed to a castle-like setting.  I hear Robert's voice again, it's echoing, and it's

gibberish again.  I come up to a large wooden door, open it, and go in.  I see candles, a fireplace, 

men seated around a table, Robert in a tuxedo, and a dark-haired actress who looks very much 

like Jill Schoelen from Phantom of the Opera.  No one notices me as I get a closer look.  I now 

recognize the scene as being from the Vincent Price movie, Tomb of Ligeia.  I hear Robert say, 

"Give over your will to mine and no harm shall come to you." and "You wish to let go of my hands 

now."  I'm thinking that they are going to remake the movie, and how good Robert would be in it. 

I want to stay longer, but the scene changes to something else.


The scene has changed to the cafeteria at my elementary school.  It feels the same, but the 

walls are different.  Where a jungle mural should be on the right where people come in,  there is 

a white wall.  The others have red, white, blue, and black tile on them.  The tables have all 

turned into desks and I see some of my old classmates, and some strangers.  I am sitting at my

desk near the front, and looking around.  There is a big teacher's desk in front of the white 

wall, and Robert is standing in front of it, teaching, but again, it comes out gibberish.  His looks  

have changed again.  He looks like Paul Chevalier from the movie Tobe Hooper's Night Terrors, 

also from 1992; I aleays thoough it was a very handsome look.  


I am writing something in a notebook, but I don't know what.  I finish and put the paper face

down on the left-hand corner of the desk.  I bend down to look for something in my backpack, 

can't find it, then put my head down on my desk.


I know without knowing that I am in my own bed.  I can feel that my eyes are closed and can see 

nothing but darkness at first.  Then I see Robert's face above me and he's smiling; he looks 

pretty much the same way he does in real life and is wearing all black.  I know that I am lucid,

sit up and kiss him on the cheek.  I look around the room and see other beds with students in

them as if this was a class on Lucid Dreaming.  He and the kids laugh, but I'm not sure why.  Did

they know that I was lucid and wonder why I didn't kiss him on the mouth and/or try to have

sex with him?  He is sort of a "father figure" to me when he appears like that and I didn't think

it was right to go further.  


I smile, roll over onto my stomach, and try to go back to sleep.  I "see" a man walking up the

aisle between the beds.   He looks have changed back into Paul Chevalier.  He stands at the 

foot of my bed and has a nasty, cruel look on his face as he raises the "Freddy glove" and drives 

it into my back over and over again, grunting each time.  Strangely it feels like he's pounding me 

in the back with his fists over and over again. I must have sleep paralysis and can't turn away.  Is

this punishment for not handing in my homework on time?  Yeesh!


It was then that I woke up and started laughing.  The dream was about sex!

Additional Comments:

There was more than one theme at work, here. First, it was my school life. I never seemed to fit in, most of my teachers seemed to hate me because I was a slow learner. I may have had ADD/ADHD then, but no one cared enough to see that I got help. Nowadays, I would be homeschooled so I could learn at my own pace. I had trouble handing in my homework, and was often bullied by the teachers because of it. One of them was a man, maybe that's where the scene of Robert "punishing" me came from. Second, I worked harder for the teachers that liked me and graded easier. The others probably wondered why I was getting such high marks on my achievement tests and such low marks in their classes. The easier teachers helped my grade-point average, and some of the classes were electives. Third, I bought Dianne Morrissey's book, Anyone Can See the Light on blind faith. I had no idea who she was before I bought the book. I was having such strange dreams that I needed answers, and magazine psychics weren't helping. She and I wrote back and forth for awhile and then lost touch. She died in October of 2005. She taught Lucid Dreaming and other courses at Stanford University. She became psychic in 1977, when she was electrocuted by a fish tank and was clinically dead for about half an hour. Maybe the Robert in the black clothes symbolized her.

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