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Didn't Uncover Things Worth Saving

Lucid Intent

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Friday, June 3 2011 Views: 1008

June 3, 2011 6:30 AM

The last dream of the sleep period this morning, the waking up dream, was so plain and ordinary that I got up thinking: "Not worth making any notes on that one." But the details stay in my mind, as real as any daytime event.

June 3, 2011- ll:45 AM

Same Day Notes

First notice I am dreaming while putting the lid on a crockpot to start a meal much bigger than I need for just the two of us. Another person stops by and asks to put a big pan with a lid on my stovetop burner to simmer. I agree, but don’t offer watch it myself.

I feel the need to vacuum, but must go out and get a big round canister-type vacuum cleaner from where it is stored. There are many large items under white dustcovers and many neatly stacked boxes of different sizes where I look, but I don’t see any vacuum cleaner. The light is very good. I am thinking, "This is not real," and I wake up. End Of Dream Notes.

Same day Comments.

I voluntarily left this dream before I uncovered anything worth saving. As the dream event unfolded, I stayed focused on "vacuum cleaner," and ignored all the piles of other, more interesting stuff that surrounded me as I kept going along with the idea of "ordinary." (To me, vacuuming is about as ordinary as things can get, asleep or awake.)

Before I go any further, I think I should mention it is my personal belief that "Dreams are an ordinary part of normal thinking."

Sneaky little dream, but as good a place as any to start, now that I have suddenly joined up with other people who also share their dreams.

Comments added June 4. 2011

The useful dream product I receive from this dream is my opening statement to the other dreamers on this site who happen to check it out.  As "part of ordinary thinking" I expect to find elements in my dreams that work to further my goals on the waking side of life.  In this dream a line of thought was intoduced that allowed me to "finish the last act," after I woke up and to make what I think is the best possible opening statement that works for me. 

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