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Sunday, June 26 2011 Views: 744

June 24, 2011 AM Dream

I am inspecting a mannikin, almost a ragdoll, but more like an articulated puppet. It has an electrical wall socket sewed into the chest, on my left, as I look at the front of it. That puts the wall socket half of the plug, (with the holes in it,) on the mannikin’s right side, not where a person would expect the heart to be, if it had a heart.

But that is backwards, not the way to PLUG INTO THE UNIVERSE. Completing the circuit this way would rob power FROM a body, not supply it with infinite power. I wake up laughing to see why wanting to plug into the universe is not working for me.

End of Dream

Additional Comments:

Over the years, various sources have told us to PLUG INTO THE UNIVERSE. I have always been intrigued by this instruction and have been mulling it over in my mind once again, just recently. My dreams relented and showed me how I was viewing this in my mind.


No doubt dreams and meditation have been telling people to do this since the beginning of history------ Back from the time when "lights" were sturdy wicks in a vessel of oil, that burned brightly for a long time without hardly using up the wick that supported the flame at all. "Put your light upon a table," "Illuminate the world."

Once, a long time ago, in a similar fashion, I puzzled over the fact that I answer to what my parents and friends call me, but did not have a clue about my own true name. I only knew that I did not know the shape or the sound of it. My dreams finally showed me a pretty, curved wicker basket with a handle over the middle, the kind people carry flowers in, with a hammer instead of flowers. AHA.........! "Toolbearer." Just a snippet from what must be a long and eloquent name and translated into the language where I am now, but it is a magnificent gift to me.

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