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Requested Early Dream Events

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Saturday, December 17 2011 Views: 426

December 17, 2011

People ask about my early dreams. I seem to have mentioned them more in passing comments, rather than in the journal form, until now. Here is some of what I remember:

To me, since earliest memories, horses, (any size and color) are one of the best clues that I am dreaming. My Dad was an original teamster. He kept his own horse and drove a team of workhorses in the woods, hauling logs for the family mill. As one of the youngest in the very large family, he worked for his oldest siblings and had no share in the mill. My grandfather, (Dad’s Dad) died very young, before I was born. I always knew that mares are horses, so naturally, night "mares" are horses in dreams.

Actually, the horses in my early childhood dreams were a whole herd that would come thundering up when I whistled for them. They were every color, and wild and free and beautiful. I would chose the biggest and the best and mount up and ride away. Often, the one I chose was big and black with a flowing mane and tail, (as in the children’s story, Black Beauty.)

Even earlier, before the horses, I remember that dancing colored lights would come as soon as I closed my eyes to nap or sleep. The multicolored lights danced and rose and fell in complex, compelling rhythms against the velvety black of the heavens. It was a deep disappointment to me when they suddenly became images, the same as daily life events; except that they were not "real," (not even the horses) and were only dreams that disappeared as soon as I woke up.

The aurora borealis (the Northern Lights) are the closest thing I have seen in real life that compares to those early "baby" dreams.

Then there were various odd dreams where I was swaddled, (wrapped about with light colored fabric,) sort of like a mummy, I suppose; except that I was much too young to have heard of such a thing. In those dreams I floated along in empty space, traveling purposely toward some distant goal. I was aware, but not exactly awake, dreaming of covering great distances without any difficulty, yet not arriving at any particular destination.

Sometimes people would find me and carry me into their space vehicles (like the cars in a train) and use me to steer them in the direction where I was headed. If the ones who gathered me up out of curiosity persisted in going off toward another direction, I would end up against the roof or wall, nudging them away from where they were going. If I stayed "trapped" too long, away from my designated path, I would eventually rouse myself and find a way to depart the conveyance and resume my lonely trek. I spent a lot of youthful dreams simply traveling freely through open space in this mode.

Those space traveling dreams were not as entertaining as the dreams with the horses and scenic destinations where I was greeted by friendly authority figures, (the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, the woodsman, the tailor, the chief) ( from the nursery rhymes our parents read to us at bedtime, of course.)

Now I am curious how these early dreams of mine compare to what other dreamers remember from the beginnings of their memories in this lifetime.

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