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Lucid Intent
Thursday, January 10 2013 Views: 279

3:46 AM 1-10-13 pst

With the simple notation of local time, I provide other dreamers on Dream Journal with useful information.  If they choose, they can compute the time and verify if they and I returned to the waking side of life to post dream notes after the same dream session.

Whatever else was on my mind when I woke up faded away.  This is what seemed most important to record at this point in time.


4:32 AM 1-10-13 pst

Every single entry on Dream Journal this day is the work of a living, breathing person who chose to make a posting on a site where dreamers congregate.    ?Whether or not they believe that dreams have value, this is where they chose to enter into the ongoing dialog with other people on the waking side of life.

11:56 AM 1-10-13 pst

I report what is on the notepad by the side of the bed.  It seemed important enough to record during the night.  I share it for whatever it may be worth to those who read the dreams of others.

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